ReGen Pod

The next generation of whole-body photobiomodulation pods.

Regen - Rebuild - ReNew - revive

Power and Clinical Research Meet to Bring You The ReGen Pod

The ReGen Pod is simply the best "medical grade" high-dose full body photobiomodulation (PBM) system on the market. Our product might be a similar shape to some of the low-dosage modified tanning beds and red light skin care beds created for the spa market but the ReGen was designed from the ground up to deliver results comparable to class 4 therapy lasers and other high-end medical devices.

A Better PBMT System

The concept for Regen Medical and the ReGEN Chamber came out of our years of working in the fields of cold laser therapy and Photobiomodulation (PBMT). After over 10 years of successfully helping tens of thousands of individuals with chronic, degenerative and painful health issues, our goal was to deliver the same spectacular results we see in the therapy laser market but in an unattended whole-body chamber. After successfully helping tens to thousands of people find a laser solution to their heath needs, we weeded through all the conflicting marketing, pseudo-science and wild claims to build a super high intensity LED product based the core technology of PBMT. Our product crushes every other system on the market when it comes to delivering results because it is based on the success we have achieved designing laser therapy systems. We have seen what works and we know why so many of the existing systems fail to reach the level of efficacy of laser therapy. These factors are:

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High Dosages, Low Cost, and Safe

The challenge in photobiomodulation has always been delivering an appropriate dosage at the right wavelength in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost. It is the reasonable cost that finally pushed us to focus on LED technology instead of laser technology. Delivering higher dosages with a laser is either a safety issue (because the energy is too concentrated) or too expensive (because the process requires someone to operate the laser). With over 2000 watts of power, our systems can safely deliver higher dosages like the most expensive class 4 laser systems and we do it in a low-cost unattended therapy session.

Class 1 & 2 Therapy Laser Class 3 Therapy Laser Class 4 Therapy Laser ReGen Pod
Potential Eye Damage No Yes Yes No
Potential Tssue Heating No No Yes No
Dosage in 15 minutes < 50 j Approx 500 j 5000 - 10,000 j 1,000,000 j
Blue Light Only in veterinary and fringe products Not used or recommended Not used or recommended Not used or recommended
Green spectrum No No No No
Unattended Yes Sometimes Rarely Yes
Smart Pulsing No No No Yes