The ultimate whole-body photobiomodulation pod

The only fully programmable quad-wavelength Pulsing and CW light Pod

Power and Clinical Research Meet to Bring You The ReGen Pod

The ReGen Pod is simply the best "commercial grade" full body photobiomodulation (PBM) Pod on the market. It is the only Pod available that offers 4 independently controlled wavelengths with both pulsing and continuous wave (CW) output using the same wavelengths that are the standards in cold laser therapy. It is the only Pod that is Wi-Fi connected allowing advance multi-phase protocols and user tracking. It is the only system that tracks system performance and uses it to constantly improve the efficacy. When it comes to photobiomodulation, the ReGen Pod is the absolute best.

A Better PBMT System

The concept for the ReGen Pod came out of years of working in the fields of cold laser therapy and Photobiomodulation (PBMT). After over 10 years of successfully helping tens of thousands of individuals with PBM and laser therapy equipment, we have seen what works and what is unsuccessful hype. With the development of the ReGen Pod, our goal was to deliver the same spectacular results we see in the therapy laser market but in an unattended whole-body chamber. For many years, people have been asking for a commercial quality system to do unattended higher dosage PBM so we weeded through all the conflicting marketing, pseudo-science and wild claims to build a high-intensity LED device based the core technologies and "best practices" of PBMT. Our product crushes every other system on the market when it comes to delivering results because it is based on the success we have achieved designing, supporting and selling laser therapy systems. Here are some of the highlights:

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Light Years Ahead of the Competition

The ReGen Pod is the only 360° light pod with a free standing 12.9 inch touch screen Kiosk for control of the system. The Kiosk can be setup for self service where users simply enter the phone number on their account and then select from a list of assigned protocols. In health clubs, the kiosk can serve a standard set of treatment protocols and play a marketing video when not in use. In a practitioners office, the Kiosk allows managers to quickly select from a set of pre-programmed treatment plans or create custom treatment plan in less than a minute. The Kiosk also allow voice controlled music to be played inside the Pod (Apple Music Membership not included). The Kiosk is the perfect way to manage the pulsing presets, build protocols setup patient, and view usage information and statistics on your system. No other system comes close to giving users this level of control over all the variable that are critical in PBM.

A New Level of Photobiomodulation Control

The challenge in photobiomodulation has always been delivering an appropriate dosage at the right wavelength with the best pulsing frequency in a reasonable amount of time. Before the ReGen Pod, many therapy systems failed across the board. Delivering higher dosages with a laser can be a safety issue (because the energy is too concentrated and can potential burn) or too expensive (because the process requires someone to operate the laser) or the system does not have the flexibility to provide the best results. With over 3,500,000 milliwatts of power and over 45,000 diodes, our systems can safely deliver higher dosages like the most expensive class 4 laser systems and do it in a low-cost unattended session. With over 45,000 diodes and a unique curved arch, the ReGen Pod deliver the most even energy distribution on any HD (high dosage) light pod.

After developing and documenting PBMT resources for over 10 years and working with thousands of professionals, it became obvious that professionals and users need more flexibility to setup the system to meet their needs. Many pros put all the emphasis on pulsing and other on dosage. The ReGen Pod allow users absolute control of both. Using a building block style, users can control every critical variable in creating new treatment plans.


The top of the pyramid is user specific protocols. Each user can have multiple protocols. Each protocols adapts the standard "Level 2" protocols to the specific patient based on skin color, patient size, chronicity and current status.

The Protocols include one or multiple pulsing presets and the execution time for that preset.. A typical protocol might start out with 3 minutes of continuous output, followed by 2 minutes of Schuman C preset on all wavelengths followed by 4 minutes of Relaxation A preset which sweeps to multiple pulsing frequencies over each wavelength and wrap up with 2 minutes of Health C preset. These standard protocols that can be used for any type of user.

The base of the ReGen Pods treatment plans is the pulsing presets. Each preset defines the on/off status of each wavelength and the pulsing frequency in Hz for each wavelength. Users can create their own or choose from hundreds of factory-defined presets based on the works of Rerucha, Hewittson, Nogier, Schumann and other greats. They are organized by names and they are the building blocks of the Protocols.

Multi-wavelength Complex Pulsing

For cosmetic system, just turning on some red LEDs continuously seems to be enough but the ReGen Pod is based on some of the most advance laser therapy technology available. For many years, companies like Avant, Biolight and Erchonia have uses an advanced systems to pulse different diodes at different pulsing frequencies to provide an additional benefit beyond dosage. The ReGen Pod takes this concept to the next level by allow each wavelength of the 4 wavelengths to be individually controlled in pulsing frequency. For example, treatment plans can include the visible wavelengths at more 50Hz (to avoid the potential for seizures in some individuals) but Dr. Hamblin and others have said that pulsing frequencies below 50 Hz are best for most application. The ReGen Pod can pulse the 630nm at 50Hz while pulsing the 810nm at 10Hz, the 860nm at 33Hz and the 980nm at 5000Hz. Complex combinations like this provide practitioners with total control over every factor. The system can also rotate up to 4 pulsing frequencies over the 4 different wavelengths. This means that the user could create a custom preset that pulses each of the 4 wavelengths at 12Hz, 24Hz, 36Hz and 48Hz in a constantly rotating pattern. Even in the laser market, no allow this level of control.

The Regen Pod is the state-of-the-art in PBMT.