BioPhototonica & ReGen Pod

BioPhotonicais the manufacturer of the ReGen Pod, ReGen Laser and ReGen Panel.

Biophotonica designs, builds and sells the best science-based PBM equipment in an ethical manner and using the best practices in the healthcare and wellness markets. We are driven to help as many people as possible to improve their lives through PhotoBioModulation (PBM).

Our mission has and always will be to help people find solutions to their health issues. To touch the lives of many, to bring hope to those who feel there is none, To grow awareness of the power and benefits of PhotoBioModulation (PBM). There is no higher calling than bringing meaningful, affordable, health and wellness care to our community. Our Dedicated team includes Tom Rebman, Ken Teegardin, Geoff Strevey, Ira Barron, Nick Cable and David Tate, PHD.


We are drive to build the highest quality PBM system and we always remaining honest to our patrons and ourselves.


In this world of hyper-marketing, we treat people like we want to be treated, with truth, respect and honor. We are in this field for the long-term and we are commited to helping spread the benefit of PBM to the greater community.

Servent Leadership

Our team is Dedication to educating professionals and consumers alike to the key elements of PBM. Yes, we also like to sell pods, but we also love training and helping people live better lives more.