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With Stim-Cell™ technology, the ReGen Pod is unlike any other PBM device on the market. By relieving pain & inflammation, increasing longevity & maximizing performance, it will elevate your body to its maximum potential.

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Whole-Body Light Therapy

The main core of Whole Body Red Light Therapy (PBMT) is based on driving specific wavelengths of light energy into the cells to directly stimulate the mitochondria (a light-sensitive component inside every cell) to convert glucose into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is considered by biologists to be the “energy currency of life”. The high-energy molecule stores the energy our bodies need to do just about everything, including cellular motion, cellular division, protein synthesis, and repair. When we combine this photochemical reaction with advanced pulsing and synchronized sound, we get maximum cellular stimulation. The ReGen Pod is the only pod system with Stim-Cell™ Technology and our proprietary combination of cellular activators makes our system the best "commercial grade" full-body multi-modality Pod on the market.

Decrease Pain & Inflammation

Whether from the effects of an injury or simply from the natural aging process, inflammation in our bodies can produce pain and stiffness. Light therapy uses natural photochemical processes in our bodies to increase cell activity while reducing inflammation and pain.

Improved Recovery and Performance

Research shows that Light therapy (PBM) has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and lactic acid build-up from the body and thus speed up recovery and healing times. Many top professional athletes are now using PBM as part of the pre/post-workout routines to help shorten recovery times and maximums their performance.

Increase Vitality

Our system uses multiple modalities to help stimulate ATP production in our mitochondria to increase cellular activity and to recalibrate the body similarly to how an acupuncturist will regulate your energy level. Because we combine high dosage-based PBM with state-of-the-art advanced pulsing technology and synchronized audio, we provide a boost that cannot be found in any other equipment.

Maximize HealthSpan

Because of the beneficial effect that light therapy has on the body, and in particular cell maintenance and development, many who use light therapy (particularly whole-body pods) on a regular basis report improved sleep, more energy, and a general feeling of health and vigor. For many people with an autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation is what makes their daily life the most difficult. Our proprietary combination of cellular stimulation mechanisms proves amazing inflammation control and helps people with serious problems live a better life.

Our Value Proposition

While many companies and products may boast to be the "Best" system on the market, we can prove it. As an engineering company who focuses on the core science, we have the technical expertise to build, test and install the high quality systems. If you want to know see real data, we can send you light meter so you see that the ReGen pod is the best with your own eyes..   

Industry Knowledge

Founded from over 40 years of experience in the PhotoBioModulation and Laser therapy markets, our products are crafted for maximum efficacy and performance. 

Data Driven

With custom written protocols, our systems continue to evolve and improve in live time. 

Customer Commitment

With customer service being all but forgotten in our day in age, we strive to serve our customers however possible to bring the most amount of value to their lives.

Common Inquires

Like many other health care solutions, the optimum treatments per weeks will vary different for each individual. For first time users we recommend 3 times a week on average. For those who have more serious and urgent health issues, once a day will provide the maximum benefit. We do not recommend using the system more than once a day. The average session is 18 minutes.

You should refer to our PBM research page. We also have PBM articles addressing specific conditions as well as one of the largest data bases for studies in relation to all things PBMT. 

Most people are familiar with tanning beds that use UV light to darken the skin and to release vitamin D. This wavelength of light is also well known for its ability to cause skin damage, accelerate aging and help cancer grow. This is why the American cancer association recommends sunscreen to block this portion of the sun’s spectrum. Although it has some positive applications, humans should avoid this wavelength in general.

The ReGen Pod avoids these wavelengths and uses both Red (637nm) and Near Infra-Red (NIR). Red is the wavelength used for most cosmetic applications, but it is also commonly used for therapeutics including wound management, dermatitis, and collagen production. It is also nice that it is visible so you can see when a therapy device is turned on.
Invisible NIR light, especially at 810 nm, has the best depth of penetration in tissue of any wavelength and the strongest photochemical reaction in deep tissue. This wavelength is the industry standard for most of the laser therapy market because it can be driven deep into the tissue where is forms a photochemical reaction (not a photo-thermal reaction). We also use 850nm and 940nm as they are within the “therapeutic window” and add some wavelength diversity.

Infra-Red light (starting around 950 nm) light is commonly used in surgical lasers because it is rapidly turned into thermal energy (heat) that can be used to cut tissue. Any photons that are converted into thermal energy cannot be converted into chemical energy, which is what we really want. Most Saunas operate above 950 nm so they are really heaters and not PhotoBioModulation (PBM) devices.

PBMT is FDA registered for inflammation control, pain control and to increase blood flow. That being said, shorter recovery times, reduction in pain, increases in energy, and improved sleep are some of the benefits that pod user often love. 

There are both short and long-term benefits from using the ReGen Pod. Following your appointment it is common to receive a boost in energy and mood, this can be as immediate as 5 minutes after your treatment. More significant results like pain reduction and inflammation control are most often achieved over the next 24 hours as the ATP is used to make corrections in the body. The effect is accumulative so user typically see even more significant effects after using the device 3-6 times.  For specifics, check out our ReGen Pod reviews and testimonials.

Our research and articles sections of our site as well as online videos can be great sources of information when learning about Photobiomodulation. We are also more than happy to speak over the phone and in person about any questions you may have regarding PBMT.

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