Your Custom Media Kit

The ReGen Pod is, without except, the state-of-the-art in PhotoBioModulation (PBM) but high-intensity LED light arrays are new and many people have mainly been exposed to under-powered light systems that don't and technically can't deliver results like the ReGen Pod. This negative history can make it a challenge to marketing and educating the general public about this new generation in high-intensity PBM. It is a shame that all the underpowered and under-engineered solutions are actually holding back adoption of the technology but we can overcome this problems with good marketing and quality education resources.

It can be a challenge to make potential customers understand how the ReGen Pod is so radically different form other systems and it is our job to help demystify PBM and pod technology. That is why every ReGen Pod includes a co-branded marketing package. This is not a marketing package like you might get from other pod companies that mainly try to sell more of their product. That doesn't help you or the market. Our marketing package is based on selling your service and highlighting how great your business is because it uses the best equipment. That is a critical point. Because the ReGen pod is the absolute best pod, the focus of our package is showing how your business is the absolute best because you use the right equipment to get better results.

Through are partnership with Light House Health (our operational wellness center located in the same building as our corporate headquarters), we have hands-on experience with a large customer base and that has helped us understand how each market needs targeted literature. There is really no substitute for actually working with customers to see what marketing works and what fails. Our experience will save you tons of time finding the best "pitch" for your customer base.

Every ReGen Pod includes a custom media kit that combines proven templates for each market with your branding. We add your branding (company logo, contact information, about us, pricing and any other relevant information) to a predesigned templates and then send you the originals. That allows you to edit the file in the future if your business changes and you can print them when you need more. You own the originals so you can use them without any external support and they are royalty free.

Addressing YOUR Markets

The first step in building a media package is choosing your largest target markets. This can be a challenge because the ReGen Pod is so good at so many different applications. The following table shows some of the markets that existing owners are focused on and some quick notes about what makes that market unique. Each market has a different efficacy and expectation.

Chronic Pain This is a great market because you can advertise as an FDA registered option. Many people with chronic pain have already tried everything else so they are open for new options. The ReGen Pod is a great alternative with no side effects and it can help reduce opioid usage. As you would guess, the marketing literature shows people in pain.
Chronic Inflammation This is a great market for PBM and it addresses huge portion of the population. The ReGed Pod is FDA registered for this application so you advertise freely. It can be a hard niche to focus on because it is so misunderstood and the root cause if often unknown. In this application, we use more keywords to address different kinds of inflammation.
Seniors Here is Colorado, it rare to find someone over the age of 50 that doesn't get a significant boost from the ReGen Pod. Because the ReGen pod has hundreds of programs to address different problems and because the ReGen Pod delivers such fast results, it might be the largest market sector. Here, we use senior models in all the literature to address this market.
Athletic Performance This is the first market where pods got traction. There are several professional and Olympic athletes claiming PBM give them an extra edge to win. We see the same results at Light House Health with professional athletes. If you are in a health conscious market ( like here in Colorado), this can be a big market.  
General Wellness Because the ReGen Pod has lots of power and internal sound system, a session is really similar to laying on the beach in the sunshine listening to music. Because the dosages are higher than any other PBM machine, people can get a big boost in just one session. In this market, we promote the overall health benefits from head to toe. 
Skin and Rejuvenation Because the ReGen Pod has 25% of the energy in the same wavelength (630nm) as most skin care lasers and therapy lights, the ReGed pod is one of most powerful machines in this market. There are already tens of thousands of spas and wellness centers providing this kind of services.
Auto-Immune Patients We consider this a subset of the chronic inflammation market. With many auto-immune diseases, the associated inflammation is the worst part of the disease and the ReGen pod is great a decreasing inflammation so they feel better. You must have a qualified practitioner or medical director who can address this market with their specialty to legally advertise to this market. The Pod is not approved for this application.
Brain Damage and Neurodivergence In recent years, there has been some incredible research showing positive results using PBM and there are many businesses that are focusing on this niche because light therapy research shows excellent results. You must have a qualified practitioner or medical director who can address this market with their specialty to legally advertise to this market. The Pod is not approved for this application.
Neuropathy and Nervous System Damage This is a big laser therapy market. If you search on the name of a big city and laser neuropathy, you will find lots of businesses using PBMr to treat neuropathy. This is usually very expensive costing up to $500 per session. The ReGen Pod offers many of the same benefits as laser therapy but in a much safer and lower skill application. You must have a qualified practitioner or medical director who can address this market with their specialty to legally advertise for more than pain control associated with Neuropathy.

Type of Documents

Once we have narrowed down your market focus, we need to know what format of advertising you will want. The follow table shows some of the types of literature that can be created as part of your marketing package.

Newspaper Ads

These are typically lower resolution so the print is larger and the verbiage is shorter. The goal here is not build your brand awareness and give potential customers a call-to-action like scheduling a free session.


Magazine Ads These can be bigger glossy image with much more details about your overall business.
Lobby Flyers These are more focused on selling the use of the pod as a service.
Informational Copy These usually more technical versions of the concepts behind PBM and the ReGen Pod.
Wall Posters Posters need eye catching graphics and a few key word to get people asking questions or educating them about your options.
Banners/Window Stickers For a new business, a banner or large window sticker can help catch potential customer's attention.
Small Signs In some case, we can take concepts from other forms of advertising and add them to sandwich board or large wrap to get attention.

Your custom marketing pack will combine your target market with your desired format into a solution. We specifically designed your package to grow your business and leverage all the great properties of the ReGen Pod.

Your Personal Media Kit

Once we have all these factors nailed down, we will create a media kit that includes all the relavent documentation. This system allows us to address your specific markets with the type of literature that you need for your business. We have lots of standardize templates that we customize to include your business information and then we send you the originals in print-ready format so that you can print more or edit them any time you need to.

Marketing Your Business, Not Ours

One of the differences between our media kit and the marketing you will might get from anyone else is that we market your business, not ours. Some pod sellers produce marketing literature to try and use customers as free salespersons to sell more pods. We do it differently. Our support is centered on co-branding where we try to drive YOUR sales, not ours. Because the ReGen Pod is so much better than other pods, we do want to drive home how your business is the best because it uses the best equipment. BioPhotonica strives to be industry leader in help people live better lives and that is reflected in the way down to the way we market for our customers.

Client Education

In addition to the co-branded documents that specifically target selling your services, every kit includes original documents designed for patient education. These documents are mainly targeting more technical people who really want to understand the underlying concept of photobiomodulation. These smaller documents are great to have on hand just in case you get a very inquisitive customer who really wants to dig deep before they buy a package or decide to make a long term commitment to use your service based on the ReGen Pod.

PBM Educations (Theralight)