Compare the ReGen Pod to Novo Pod

Compare the ReGen Pod to Laser Therapy Systems.

For years, we worked with one of the biggest independent laser sales company in the US because we sold lasers based on specs and performance, not based on hype or claims. Because we worked with so many brands of laser therapy equipment, from Avant and Apollo to Eltech K-laser and Multiradiance, we understand what make a great photobiomodulation system. So when we built the ReGenPod, we used this knowledge and our experience with all the state-of-the-art devices available and built and whole body system that beat everything else hands down. We designed the system to be superior based on research and engineering and not based on hyper-marketing. Our business has always been selling the appropriate equipment to educated consumers that know "you get what you pay for" when you look at the specs and features. You over-pay when you buy based on the hype.

The Novo Pod was the first successful therapy pod on the market so we appreciate them for being a trail blazer. Unfortunately, their system falls short in many different areas. Learning from their mistakes, we created a photon therapy pod that beat the Novo Pod in every possible way. The ReGenPod is the pinnacle in therapy chambers and the table below shows just how the ReGen Pod crushed the Novo Pod in every category. In the table below, we bolded the clear winner in each spec but the ReGen Pod wins every one so it look like we just bolded the entire ReGen column. *The specs for the competing product in the table are based on published information but please contract the competitor for current specs.

ReGen Pod Q4 Novo Pod Notes
Total Power (watts) 4000 2400* Less power means longer treatment times. Both system require 220v but the ReGenPod has 45% more power.
Total Wavelengths 4 3* Cutting edge systems like the Eltech K-laser and Avant LZ50 are quad-wavelength with most of the energy in the IR range. The ReGenPod follow the current therapy trends with a quad-wavlength therapy pod with most of the power where you need it.
Wavelengths 660, 810, 850, 960 630, 660, 850* 810nanometers is the single most popular wavelength for laser therapy followed by 905-980nm. The ReGenPod has both.
The Novo Pod has neither but has 660 and 630nm (which are popular in the cosmetic and spa markets for skin issues).
Fluence 25 mw/cm2 17 mw/cm2* Higher Fluence means shorter treatment times or higher dosages for the same treatment time.
Construction Commercial Residential* The ReGen Pod is a commercial quality device that look similar to a multi-million dollar MRI machine.
Their Pod is a modified residential-quality tanning bed originally sold as the "Tan Time™" System designed for salons.
Controls Internal Touch Screen Timer and 1 switch* The ReGen Pod gives users more control over the device so it can accomplish more.
Number Of Pulsing Presets 200+ Factory + Unlimited User Defined 0* The Novo Pod does not pulse or sweep pulse. The ReGen Pod has over 200 pulsing presets including presets that sweep through multiple pulsing frequencies across the different wavelengths. These presets are based on the work of Rerucha, Hewittson and other leaders in the laser therapy market.
Wavelength Control Manually control pulsing/CW on each wavelength None* The ReGen Pod allow for the individual control to turn on and off each wavelength and control the pulsing frequency of each wavelength. Similar to an Erchonia©, it can simulatanously pulse the 4 different wavelengths at unique pulsing frequencies.
Internal Protocols Unlimited None* The ReGen Pod includes internal protocols. Just select from a list of standards and the system sets up the time, wavlengths used and pulsing options. A single protocol can include mulitple steps.
Patient Tracking Yes None* Attached a specific protocol to a unique identifier for patient tracking. This allows practitioners or clinic to track patient status and equipment time..
Communication WiFi a,b,n
Optional cellular with all major carriers.
None* The ReGen Pod is alway connected to the cloud through WiFi to allow for the creation of protocols and and user tracking. This also allow remote setup, remote updates and maintenence. In areas with no WiFi, the system can be used on most cellular netoworks using the kiosk as a hot spot for the Pod.
Serviceability Modular Power Supplies, Cloud Connected Service ? The ReGen Pod has modular power supplies in 2 slide-out drawers for easy service. In the rare event of a failure, we can over-night a replacement power supply and you can simply swap it out in a few minutes. The ReGen Pod is cloud connected so the factory can monitor the system, update the software, remotely fix some problems and make sure it is running at peak performance.
Internal Music Yes No* The ReGen Pod has voice activated music through the Kiosk. The system plays the music thought the internal German amp and internal speakers. (Apple music memberhip is optional but required for voice command.) Users can also attach their phone to the Bluetooth amp directly.
Pulsing Frequencies 10-6000 Hz None* In the laser therapy market and in recent research, pulsing has proven to be better than continuous wave in almost all application.
The Novo Pod does NOT have the option to pulse,
Interior Flat base with arched top Clamshell* The flat base makes it easier to enter and exit the pod. The arched interior of the ReGenPod reduce the clostrophobic feeling you get squeezed in the Novo Pod clamshell. This system will treat patients up to 50 in waste size.
Max Patient Weight 450 lbs 250 lbs* The ReGen Pod is designed for athletes of any size and shape. The arched interior and heavy duty frame allow for treating larger patients/athletes that the Novo Pod just can't handle. * Max Length full inside the treatment area.
Price $89,500 $120,000* The ReGen Pod sells for over $30,000 less than the competing product and has better specs in every category.

The Q8 has all the same advantages over the Novo Pod but the total power is 8000 watts for 3 times faster treatment times.

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High Dosages, Low Cost, and Safe

As you can see in the chart, the ReGen Pod beats the Novo Pod in every important comparison. For more information call 1-800-771-2176