The Technology of PBM

The first laser therapy application was FDA cleared in 2002 and the technology has grown at an enormous rate ever since. The ReGen Pod uses LEDs, not lasers, but some of the principles used in cold lasers are applicable to light pods. For this reason, we use cold lasers as a knowledge base for light pods. In the world of cold lasers, there are four main principles used to make the best tool for photo bio modulation (PBM). Our experience as an independent partner with over 25 different laser manufacturers has given us insight into both the good and the questionable concepts used in PBM devices. Some concepts are based on proven science, some are just common sense and others are marketing hype to cover for poor design. The four principles of effective PBM are:

  1. Different wavelengths for different applications
  2. Controlling the dosage
  3. Pulsing the light source
  4. Quality software programs

In general, there seems to be consistent agreement on these principles, but not every company has the resources and drive to comply with these concepts. The use of therapy lasers and PBM in Europe is years ahead of the US. In the EU, the World Association of Laser Therapists has established the most comprehensive standards for PBM and there are many manufacturers that make super high quality systems. We can learn a lot from the experts. We can also learn something from all the low-quality under-engineered products coming out of garages in China. We feel all these concepts are critical to maximizing the efficacy of PBM devices, so let's look at them in more detail.


While there is agreement that wavelength selection is key to success, there are still a wide variety of wavelengths that people use for PBM. In Europe, almost all the systems are based on 800nm to 860nm, with 810nm being the main standard. This is because these wavelengths:

This is why the ReGen Pod has a majority of its power in these wavelengths. 810nm diodes are much more expensive than other diodes in this range, so we combine 810nm with 850nm diodes to give users the best blend of light and independent control of each option.

Slightly above this wavelength is the 900nm to 980nm range. This range is the dominant choice in US made high-dosage class-4 systems or High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) devices. Originally equipment was built in these wavelengths because the diode were really cheap because they are used in high volumes in surgical lasers (Early on, you could not even buy a 10 watt 810nm diode). This wavelength is much less efficient than the 800nm range at pushing the energy deep because 900 nm to 980nm is outside the therapeutic window because it naturally excites water molecules so much of the energy is converted into heat. Over time, the 900nm range has proven a good solution for increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and it is some what of a standard in many pain clinics. Because of the proven results, we incorporated independently controlled 940 nm diodes to give users total flexibility when creating custom programs.

There are also several successful US manufacturers that say 600nm to 660nm is the best wavelength. This wavelength absorbed more by the melanin in the skin and by the blood. This band is the most accepted wavelength for cosmetic applications (stays closer to the surface) and it does have some interesting properties. Many of the companies that focus on 600 to 660nm shift the emphasis to pulsing the diodes and not dosage. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that this is true so we also included independently controlled diodes at 630nm.


In Europe, dosage is king. Delivering an apporopriate dosage of photons to the cells is the core to any PBM system. The ReGen Pod adjusts for skin color and patient size so we follow the best practices of PBM. We also calibrate every system so you know you are getting a reliable and repeatable dosage. The preprogramming programs makes getting the optimum dosage easier than ever before.


As problems get more complex, the emphasis in cold lasers and PBM often shifts from dosage to pulsing. No system in the world gives users more control that the ReGen Pod. With independent control of each of the 4 wavelengths and multi-step programs that allow the system to move through unlimited pulsing frequencies in a single program, the ReGen pod is light years ahead on any competing technology. Here is a more complete review of how the ReGen Pod controls pulsing.

Quality programs

The development of high quality programs is where many laser manufacturers and all the competing whole body pods totally fail. If you read any books about PBM, you will quickly learn that dosage must be adjusted for patient size and skin color. It is just basic logic that a dark skin 300lb man will need a much higher dosage than a light-skinned child to treat the same condition. The ReGen Pod is the only system that allows users to enter these factors so it can recalculate the appropriate dosage. This feature can be turned off is desired but it follow the best science available.

If we look at the "best of the best" in cold lasers, we see that multi-step programs, that allow the system to go through multiple preprogrammed steps, are the gold standard. In recent years, the emphasis on pulsing laser has evolved very rapidly with hundreds of publications created, each presenting optimized pulsing frequencies for a variety of applications. This makes it hard to use the best technology with lower-tech light pods. The ReGen Pod solves this problem with preprogrammed multi-step programs. Our programs combine the best pulsing knowledge in a multi-step process. For example, The ReGen Pod can start out with continuous wave on all wavelengths for 2 minutes, then it can follow it with pulse all the IR bands (not the red) at 10Hz. We often do not want to pulse red band below 60Hz can cause it can cause seizures in epileptics. Then the system can pulse all 4 bands including red at 60,70,80, and then 90Hz. Then we might just to pulsing only the 810nm and 850nm at 500Hz for an overall boost. This is all done in the background so user don't have to have a PhD to get the best. The can just select from a list of preprogrammed programs or create a custom one in just a few seconds.

Af course the ultimate system would be a closed feedback loop where users are polled before and after therapy to see which programs are working best. This would allow a system to compile statistics to show which programs are the most effective and which programs need more work. The ReGen Pod is the only PBM system to implement this concept. Owners can turn on/off the ability of the system to ask users their status before and after treatment. Then this information is stored in the cloud so it can be used to continuously improve the results. This means that the ReGen Pod is learning and contantly improving. This feature will put you and your business at the leading edge when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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As you can see in the chart, the ReGenPod beats lasers in almost every case. For more information call 1-800-771-2176

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