incredible flexibility

The ReGen Pod is designed to be the most flexible and powerful light pod in the world. The ReGen Pod system is simply the best because of it's proprietary architecture that is both software-configurable and cloud connected. Using state-of-the-art technology (similar to most peoples cell phone) allows BioPhotonica to gathering customer feedback and using it to adapt the system, add new features and continuously improve our results. The ReGen Pod architecture allows for real-time customization and over-night software/firmware upgrades. This make the ReGen Pod unique because our system is always improving. Here are just some the software-configurable features and different ways you can configure the system for a variety of specific user needs.

Software Configurable Features

Epileptic Safe Mode - We already know that some users like epilectics are sensitive to flashing red lights and that this can cause a seizure. When this mode is turned ON, the system does not allow the visible red wavelength to pulse at less than 60Hz. When turned OFF, users can get access to the full range of pulsing options in the visible red spectrum including many of the most popular pulsing frequencies. If many users have access to the pod, turning this mode ON makes the system safer because it stops the system from flashing the visible red light in a range that can trigger a seizure in light-sensitive people. Turning this feature ON is great for unsupervised operation so anyone can use the system and OFF is best if the system has supervised operation where the supervisor will query the user to make sure they are OK with lower red pulsing frequencies. This is an important feature because many of the most docomented pulsing frequencies (Like the Schumann universal pulsing frequency at 7.83Hz) are below 60Hz. This option does not change the pulsing of the invisible IR bands. Since the ReGen Pod has individual pulsing control of each wavelength, users still get the benefit of low frequency IR pulsing when the system is in Eplilectic save mode (locking out the red pulsing).

Adaptive Protocol - When ON, any user-specific program is adjusted for patient size and skin color following the best practices for PBM. The generic programs that are always available from the touchscreen in the pod are never adaptive.

Show 3rd Party Protocols - When turned OFF, the system only shows the standard factory programs. When this feature is turned ON, the system will show 3rd party protocols that are based on resources from outside the manufacturer. This basically a free app store built into the system and allows user to share and have access to the latest and greatest programs from our entire customer base.

Enable Feedback - When turned ON, the system will ask users a question about their current status before and/or after they use the system. The system can optionally query them after therapy and tabulate the results. This feedback allows the system to continuously improve the programs.

Kiosk/Pod Mirroring - When turned ON, The kiosk or remote control will display a link mirroring the internal graphic touchscreen inside the Pod. This allows owners to monitor the users progress without looking inside the Pod. When using the Pod As a diagnostic tool, the owner can see which step is executing while they question the user about any changes they feel during the therapy. They can also start and stop the system from outside the Pod.

Private User - When turned OFF, the system can display the user name and program inside the pod. When ON, the system will show a generic user name inside the Pod. Seeing the user name inside the pod is good confirmation that the system is set up specifically for them and it is a more positive user experience. If privacy is a concern, this option ensures that the pod never displays any user specific info.

Custom Configuration

By combining these software-adaptable features with a flexible architecture, the ReGen Pod can be custom configured for a wider variety of applications. The ReGen pod ships installed with a large library of internal programs from the factory. In addition to the factory protocol, users can download 3rd party programs from the free app store. User can also create custom programs based the the internal pulsing preset library. Regardless of the source of the program, each one can be used as "general program" or a "user specific program" depending on the type of installation.

General Programs

General programs are non-adaptive (not adapted to a users skin color and size). A set of general programs can be downloaded to the pod during initial setup or at any time and are always available from the drop down list inside the pod, Once downloaded, they are usable even if the Pod is not connected to WiFi. The pod can up to 200 programs internally and these program can be any combination of user created, factory created or 3rd party. In addition to the access on the graphic touchscreen inside the pod, users can select from the general list on the touchscreen at the kiosk and execute these programs. These programs are perfect for facilities like health clubs or standalone locations where user adapt ion and tracking is not desired.

User Specific Programs

User specific programs are attached to a user and are more specific. They can be created and sent from the kiosk or any internet connected device at any time when the ReGen Pod has an internet connection. These programs can be adaptive or non-adaptive. Adaptive protocols follow the best practices in PhotoBioModulation and adjust for the users skin color and size. Theses programs are fully customized but the pod only holds 1 user program. This program can include a users name or a generic name like ReGenPod Guest. Because the system logs every time this program is used by this specific user, the system can tabulate data that can be used to evaluate success rates and continuously improve the results of the Pod. From the kiosk or any remote access device, professionals can create custom programs and maintain an unlimited list of user specific programs and use feedback from the system to constantly improve the system.

Every Installation is Custom

The ReGen Pod can adapted to a wide variety of business or personal uses. Here are a few of the ways the system can be customized:

Single Application or Single User

Program Types Kiosk Function Programs Adapted to User
User Specific Not Used Yes
In this mode, the Pod owner creates a single user (with either a generic or specific name) and downloads a desired program. Users simply push the start button inside the pod to execute the program. This is the simplest setup and significant limits the system capabilities but it does make it more like competing light pods with less technology. In this mode, the pod can be still be configured in a variety of ways to optimize the user experience. The system can adapt the protocol to the users specific needs, If the "enable feedback" feature (see above), the system can query the user before/after the usage and the data can be used to continuously improve the program.

Picking from a List Inside the Pod

Program Types Kiosk Function Programs Adapted to User
General Not Used No

This mode is great for health clubs or facilities that want to setup the pod once with more generic programs and then let anyone use the pod with minimal user interaction or tracking. Users just select from the list of possible programs on the internal graphic touchscreen inside the pod and press start. In this mode, the system does not does not adapt the the programs, track user status and does not require a kiosk.

Self Serve

Program Types Kiosk Function Programs Adapted to User
User Specific Used to log in and select a program Optional
This is setup could be used in an facility that tracks membership or machine usage. Users enter their phone number or another unique identifier and then select from a list of owner personalized programs.

Maximum Control

Program Types Kiosk Function Programs Adapted to User
User Specific User by supervisor to manage flow Yes
In a more demanding settings, the kiosk (or remote access device) is used to quickly add users and assign programs to the user (based on custom programs or selecting from factory or 3rd party programs). Any one program can be downloaded to the pod before the user enters it. In this case, the user just gets in the Pod and pushes the start button for the program that was downloaded. This program can be adaptive or non-adaptive. The display inside the pod can show the user name (optional) and downloaded programs with information about the program, This setup also allows optional feedback so that the Pod is continuously improving. This is one of the highest levels of user customization and give an exceptional customer experience.

Custom Combo

Program Types Kiosk Function Programs Adapted to User
General & User Specific Either self-serve or full mode Yes and No
The previous options can be combined for the ultimate system. Let's look at an example where we are setting up a system in a training center for a professional sports team. In this environment, we want three different modes of operation. The trainers and staff will create/specify both general programs for non-specific use and player specific programs.
  1. The pod will be pre-loaded with a set of standard generic programs for application like pre-game warm-up, post-workout or "decompress" before bedtime. These are available to anyone but there is no user tracking.

  1. During supervised training sessions, the practitioner or staff can build a list of programs for each athlete. The supervisor can load a specific program from the kiosk or remote and supervise the session to make sure the program(s) are optimized. Users progress is tracked so that the programs can be continuously improved.

  1. During non-training hours, the athletes can use the self-serve feature to pull up their programs and pick from their custom list using their log in info. This custom list of programs can address all the specific needs of the athlete and they are not available to anyone except the supervisor and the athlete.

At BioPhotonica, we are customer-focused and engineering-oriented so we are constantly taking customer feedback and using it to upgrade the system. Because the ReGen Pod is WiFi connected and software-driven than hardware driven, the system is continuously improving. If you have questions about how to setup a ReGen Pod, please contact us at 1-800- 771-2173.