The Stim-cell technology inside every ReGen pod is a unique combination of 4 elements Advanced Optics Light Field generator Synchronized light and sound Advanced Architecture

Stim-Cell Technology

At its core, the most criticial part of PhotoBioModulation is the stimulation of cells. This can be done by delivering a high dosage of certain proven wavelengths of light or it can be done through the pulsing of the light source. Outside of the light therapy market, they also use sound, electrical stimulation, shockwave and even electromagnetic energy. To create the best outcomes, we design equipment to use every possible option to stimulate the cells to help the body repair damage. The ReGen Pod is the only light therapy pod based on Stim-Cell® Technology. Stim-cell technology combines all the best practices of light therapy with other secondary modalities into one integrated system for the ultimate results. Our proprietary Stim-Cell technology is based on 4 key elements:

 1.  Advanced Optics
 2.  Proprietary Light Field Generator
 3.  Synchronized Sound and Custom Audio
 4.  Advanced Architecture

This combination of powerful technologies make the ReGed Pod like no other PhotoBioModulation (PBM) pod.

The 4 Pillars of Stem-Cell Technology

If you really care about getting the best results, you care about each of the 4 pillars of the Stim-Cell technology platform.

Advanced Optics

One of the big advantages of a light pod is that a good design can control all the optical variables required to get the best results using PhotoBioModulation. Most of the systems on the market have serious limitations but BioPhotonica systems use Stim-Cell technology with advanced optic and high efficiency light sources to drive the energy more energy and put it where you want it. This begins with using expensive high-efficiency SMT LEDs with high efficacy wavelengths like 810nm and not cheap LEDs that maximize profit. Our advanced optics drive photons deep into tissue like a laser but with near 100% even coverage and zero risk of eye damage. It is really the quality of the LEDs that matters and not the number of LEDs. Don't be fooled by just because a system has more LEDs, You can see in our analysis of other pods that systems with 45,000 (low quality) 0.1 watt LEDs only deliver a small fraction of the usable light energy of the ReGen Pod.
One of the biggest driving forces in the cost of the pod is the light density (fluence measured in J/Cm2). The PBM market is so flooded with misinformation that only way to know the truth is to buy a light meter and test any light system before you buy it to make sure you are getting the usuable light density that want.

Light Field Generator

In many ways, Germany is years ahead of the US in the adoption of light as a healing modality so some the the best research is coming out of the EU. One such resource is the book "Laser Field Therapy" by Anja Fuchtenbusch. It is a beautifully illustrated book with the most detailed explanations of the concepts of pulsing light to stimulate cells. In our attempt to build the ultimate system, we have incorporated much of these concepts into ReGen pod allowing it to create complex light fields as described in the book by using a combination of the 4 different wavelengths and any pulsing frequency between 1 and 40,0000 Hz. This technology never existed at this level before the ReGen pod. The ReGen Pod is the best tool ever developed for future research and development of the best pulsing frequencies to address different conditions. Because the ReGen pod keeps records of every therapy session, we are already gathering tens of thousands of data point to use as input for future protocols . Because the ReGen Pods advanced data architecture, it only takes seconds to build new program that create optimized light fields . This might be seem like overkill for basic users, that are just wanting a higher dosage of high-efficacy wavelengths of light, but the ReGen Pod is also the best system at doing that too. This combination of high-efficacy wavelengths, higher dosages and an huge internal pulsing preset libary means that the ReGen Pod will out-perform any other system and it is continuously getting better while other systems quick become obsolete.

Synchronized and Custom Audio

Although PBM is one of the best ways to stimulate cellular activity, we researched many other technologies to see if they could be layered on top of the PBM. Although PEMF and shock wave are trending up right now, they just don't deliver the impact we see with light and sound stimulation. Because The ReGen Pod Rockford Fosgate speakers and a headphone jack that are connected to the internal audio processor, it is the first and only system to deliver high quality synchronized sound and light at this level. When you combine this feature with the other advantages of our stem-cell technology, you can see why the ReGen Pod is light years ahead of any other light therapy option.
1. Inside the ReGen Pod, users can attached their phone using the Bluetooth Interface if they prefer their own music or meditation tracks.
2, Users can also select a protocol with syncronized audio to help replicate successful research like the recent results showing the effects of 40Hz sound and light on Alzheimer's patients.
3. User and also slect from a audio track of select from a list inside the pod that includes guided meditations, binaural beat tracks or other audio designed to optimize healing and the entire wellness experience.

Advanced Architecture

You might think that all this state-of-the-art technology will be difficult to apply but that is where our proprietary architecture comes to the rescue. What really makes Stim-Cell technology so usable is our advanced architecture and our software driven user interface. Our intuitive user interface includes the industries best pulsing library that make building complex multi-step protocols as easy as drag and drop. Using our app, kiosk or web interface, it only takes seconds to select from hundreds of factory protocols or build a custom light and sound protocol. Because our system is cloud-connected, we can do over-the-air (OTA) updates as the technology evolves. This technology makes All the other light pods look like Stone Age technology.

Why Is This So Important?

The Pod industry is full of "importers" who don't really understand the needs of users and just buy whatever they can get from China and sell it like crazy. The result is many people try these systems and get poor or inconsistent results (as you should expect). This eventually might create a consensus that light pods don't deliver results when it is really just a few companies, not following industry standard and best practices, that are under-delivering and damaging the adoption of the technology. BioPhotonica builds the state-of-art systems based on the current knowledge base and we are constantly learning and improving our hardware, software, protocols and product. The ReGen Pod is already the best system you buy and it gets better every day.