User Interface 

In addition to delivering the the highest efficacy, another key factor to success with a pod business is the user interface. The user interface can be critical in getting patients and users to use and love your light therapy service. A good design will keep them coming back month after month. A great user interface includes a professional looking overall design, a great form-factor and an intuitive graphical user interface. To appeal to the most clients, every detail including the look and feel need to be commercial/medical grade. The form-factor should put functionality over cost savings and the customer touch points need to be intuitive with maximum flexible. This is what makes a great pod, a great business and a lot of happy users. We understand that all these factors contribute to bringing patients and customers back and these factors have major contribution to the image and success of your practice or business. We have seen some well-funded pod businesses fail and we are seeing others explode. Often times, the key is in the details like the user interface and the ReGen Pod has all the elements of a great system.

"Medical Grade" Quality

One key aspect to the long term success of any light therapy business is based on projecting a professional image and in this case, a professional medical image. Over the years, we have seen lots of cheap looking and low-performance PBM systems come and go. If a pod looks too much like a tanning bed or too much like a home-quality or home-made system, it is really difficult to overcome their negative first impressions  It is an uphill battle to get your customer to want to return for a substandard experience in a poorly designed device. If the system does not look like a quality medical device, many people who really need PBM will not even try it. The overall design (colors and curves) of the ReGen Pod is more like a MRI machine than a cheap "gold" home-quality tanning bed. The aesthetics of the ReGen Pod don't affect the performance of the system but it definitely affects the perception of new users and makes it easier to keep them happy.

ReGen Pod

Form Factor 

The form factor or layout of the light emitter is one of the most important factors is getting patients and customer to keep coming back. If the system design is awkward or uncomfortable, people just won't stick with it. There are basically 4 types of PBM systems, each with advantage and disadvantages.

Vertical Panels


The main advantage of vertical panel systems is low cost. People can buy just one panel and then add more later. In a vertical setup, athletes can excise while the get light. But is setup is horrible for people with health issues. It is about as good as trying to take a nap while standing. Since these system usually don't do any pulsing, the are also limited. If you can't enjoy the overall experience, people won't keep doing it so this option is really a substandard cost-based compromise.

Single Sided Beds


The next step up from panels is a single sided bed. You lay on one side for 20 to 30 minutes and then roll over for another 20 - 30 minutes and still just have about 1/5 the dosage of a 18 minutes ReGen Pod session. On the upside, users can relax but the dosage are low, and the treatment time are not reasonable for anyone trying to run a business. It also take a big chunk out every users day.

Clam Shell Pods


Sometimes a theory is so impractical, it leads to an epic failure. The theory is that you lose some energy as light travels through the air so some pod are built like a clam shell that smashes the user between 2 curved panels. If you ask people at facilities that use this type of equipment, the vast majority hate being forced into a claustrophobic "human sandwich". To make the user experience even worse, older users can't even get out the pod without help because of the curvature of the base turns everyone into a turtle on their back. At BioPhotonica, we don't sacrificing the customer experience for a slight gain in efficiency.

Arched Top Pods


The disadvantage of the high arch is that the system must be more powerful to offset some of the losses but the result is the best customer experience. It is easy to relax as your embraced with 360 degree of light and it is not claustrophobic. The flat base makes it easy for seniors and those with injuries to enter and exit the pod. With the ReGen Pod, you even have a touch screen inside the pod to control the sound system and see the status of your therapy. This is the best of all worlds and our customers rave about the positive experience.

Intuitive Yet Flexible

It can hard to tell someone that a pod will change their life when customer interface is straight out of 1980. Under-engineered solutions with cheap timers or just an on/off switch don't instill confidence in people that they are getting state-of-the-art technology. Now that everyone basically has a supercomputer in their pocket, people expect high-end equipment to have a high-end interface. Big intuitive touchscreens and personalize experiences are the standard these days. The ReGen Pod has a 12.9-inch touchscreen in a Kiosk and 8-inch touchscreen inside the pod. From the kiosk, ReGen Pod users can create a personal account and manage unlimited protocols with different objectives. This give your patients or users a top-of-the-line personalized experience with little or no overhead. No other system provides this level of personalization fully automated service.

Smart User Interface

The ReGed pod is unlike any other system because it combines a highly personalized experience where user can log-in to the convenient kiosk and pick from hundreds of different programs. Because the system manages users account, there is no overhead to give this premium service. Unlike other pods with no real "brains" in the pod, this brings your customers back again and again. "Brainless" pods just don't give your customers that level of premium service. Watch the video to see how easily users can get a personalized protocol and sound track to meet their every need.

Installation, Training and Support

The premium service is not just for users,it is also for pod owners. We install every pod and train you and your staff to set you up to succeed. Because the pod is WiFi connected, you get users manual and training through the app. We can also log onto your system and fix and improve your system remotely. From post-installation in-depth training to any inquiries you may have in the future, BioPhotonica provides the best service and support in the industry.