Wavelength Control 

From the massive body of PBM research, we know that different wavelengths of light to penetrate to different depths and to interact with the tissue in different ways. Researchers and clinicians have concluded that the therapeutic window between the Red & NIR range (650nm - 950nm) provide the best therapy. They avoid selecting the more expensive and higher efficacy diodes. The ReGed Pod is based on maximizing efficacy first and then reducing the cost second. We use a special blend of different wavelengths to provide the most flexibility and highest efficacy so that owners have the ultimate tool to create custom protocols.


Shows the best balance at being driven deep into the body and then being converted chemical energy. We call this the "primary wavelength" for treating anything deep. No other wavelength beats 810nm. It is centered within the therapeutic window and shows the highest efficacy in causing the deep tissue photochemical reaction that is PBMT.


A great supplement to the 810nm diodes. This wavelength provides much of the performance as much more expensive 810nm diode but helps keep the cost of the pod down. We would never use 850nm as the primary wavelengths for PBM (based on research) but it help us have wavelength diversity and this is a common wavelength in PBM systems.


Several successful US manufacturers say 600nm to 660nm is the best wavelength. This wavelength is absorbed more by the melanin in the skin and by the blood. This band is the most accepted wavelength for cosmetic applications (stays closer to the surface) and it does have some interesting properties. Many of the companies that focus on 600 to 660nm shift the emphasis to pulsing the diodes and not dosage. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that this is true so we also included independently controlled diodes at 630nm.


Slightly above this wavelength is the 900nm to 980nm range. This range is the dominant choice in US-made high-dosage class-4 systems or High-Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) devices. Originally equipment was built in these wavelengths because the diode was cheap because they are used in high volumes in surgical lasers (Early on, you could not even buy a 10 watt 810nm diode). This wavelength is much less efficient than the 800nm range at pushing the energy deep because 900 nm to 980nm is outside the therapeutic window. After all, it naturally excites water molecules so much of the energy is converted into heat. 

Maximum Control

Our Software and mobile app make it easy for anyone to maximize their ReGen experience. Each wavelength is individually controlled in output, pulsing frequency and duty cycle. Using the internal pulsing preset library, it only takes seconds to build a custom protocol with any combination of pulsing and wavelengths. Owner can also manage users, review training documents, monitor machine status, check user history, and so much more. For pod owners with multiple systems, you can see reports based on the entire business or individual pods..