The Family of ReGen Pods

The ReGen Pod comes in 3 different models. The S series is for home-use only. The Q series gives professionals the highest level of control over every variable considered critical in PBM and the Q8 is the most powerful light pod in the world.

The following chart shows the differences between the 3 products.

Spec Notes S3 Q3 Q8
Power Level (watts) The Q8 is the most powerful whole body pod in the world. It has the shortest treatment times and the greatest wow factor. 3500 3500 8000
Number of emitters The 3 series systems use a higher volume of lower power diodes. The Q8 is the most powerful PBMT system in the world. 46,000 46,000 16,000
Emitter Control The Q series uses our proprietary system to give professionals total control of pulsing, protocols and users. Pulsing Only (60-5000Hz)
Duty Cycle 10-90%
On/Off, Pulsing (10-5000Hz )and Continuous Wave
Duty Cycle 10-90%
On/Off, Pulsing (10-5000Hz) and Continuous
Duty Cycle 10-90%
Number of Independently controlled pulsing frequencies The Q series allow independent control of each wavelength to turn on/off, pulse or continuous output. pulsing frequency and duty cycle. 1 4 4
Multistep Protocols The Q series allows unlimited steps in any protocol with any combination of wavelengths on/off, pulsing or continuous, . No Unlimited Unlimited
Pulse Sweeping In pulse sweeping, the system constantly rotate 4 pulsing frequencies through all 4 wavelengths in a single step of the protocol. No Yes Yes
Internal Protocols The Q series includes hundred of factory protocols and unlimited user created protocols No Unlimited Unlimited
Patient Tracking The Q series allow each patient/user to have multiple protocols and the system keeps a history of their usage. No Yes Yes
Equipment Usage Tracking The Q series can generate custom reports showing your equipment usage and tracking key performance variables. No Yes Yes
Includes Industrial Kiosk with 12.9' Touchscreen The kiosk interface allow for the creation and tracking of complete protocols, users setup and tracking. It is an awesome experience. It also can be uses as a self serve system. No Yes Yes
Internal Music The S series allow users to attached their Blue Tooth device to the speakers inside the Pod. The Q series has voice control of music using the include Apple® Ipad® Pro and the Itunes® store. BT Connectivity Voice Control Voice Control
Professional Use We feel that professionals need control of all the variables for best results. No: Home Use Only Yes Yes
*Price Price does not include shipping or installation. Training is done over the web. $69,500 $89,500 $109,500
*We ship to over 50 countries. Price does not include sales tax. Standard freight shipping in the continental United States averages $800 for curb side deliver. Installation costs average $2000 to $3000 in the continental United States. Q systems include video training directly from the Kiosk. Contact us about additional services. We are here to make sure you are successful.

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