The Highest Quality Pod 

BioPhotonica is a engineering-driven customer-focused company that is dedicated to producing the absolute best light therapy systems. The overall light therapy market is growing but it is sometimes being dragged down because of all the poor quality products on the market. People try these options and as you would expect, they get little or no benefit so they spread the word that light therapy does not work. We know from decades of experience that product quality makes all the difference. This is why we build the most powerful system using the most proven wavelengths in the most flexible and user friendly package. Our quality goes deep and we are constantly improving the quality of every aspect of business including the products, media kits, training, support, protocols and library.

Made in the USA

ReGen Pods are designed, built, tested and shipped from from our facility in Lafayette, Colorado. All our core intellectual property is tightly controlled to make sure that our technology can't be copied. We do all the critical assembly in the U.S. We source parts from all over the world and integrate them into the perfect package. With our 3D modeling capacity (see the 3D rendering to the right), internal machine shop and 3D printing systems, we are constantly improving every aspect of the ReGen pod.

If you spend anytime on TickTok, you will see lots of get rich quick schemes based on finding products in China and shipping them to US consumers. To our chagrin, the PBM market is filled with companies that have no engineering, testing, quality or even interest in the quality of the products they sell. They often don't even understand basic optics or the properties of PBM. These companies will usually make a few quick bucks and shut down, leaving no support for their customers. BioPhotonica is in this business for the long-term and we will be here to support your service needs in 5 and 10 years. This page covers how our team is dedicated to quality and how our products keeps continuously improving.

ReGen Pod

ISO Quality System

BioPhotonica strives for compliance to the ISO 13485 quality system standard. Our quality team has over 40 years experience implementing quality standards to the ISO/FDA standards and has years of experience working with Japanese quality standards like the NPS that emphasize simplicity and consistency. After years of consulting to large corporations on how to implement efficient quality standard, BioPhotonica has the quality background to create some of the most robust quality systems. As is required by the ISO quality standard and the FDA, all our systems are based on continuous improvement. It begins with documenting every process to get repeatability and then using a controlled process to create closed feedback loop that will constantly improve the quality of the products, services and even the quality system itself.

Continuous Improvement

Currently BioPhotonica is building our 3rd generation of the ReGed Pod and every generation is a significant upgrade in quality. Here are a few examples of what we have learned and improved from earlier generations.


This picture shows the first prototype for the ReGen Pods. Now, we can look back and laugh at all the design mistakes that were built into this product. Really there were hundreds of design flaw that we have fixed but here are just few examples of how our emphasis on continuously improving quality have made our pod, the quality leader. Originally, it seemed like more diodes is better, so we specified 45,000 diodes at 1/10 of a watt each. This made the system a lot cheaper, but it wasn't until we started testing that we realized just how bad these diodes are. It turns out these diodes are really inefficient and low quality so they waste 70% of the power producing only 180J/m2. Now we use more expensive .5-watt diodes that produce 5 times the light density for only 40% more power input.

Canopy Lift

Our first prototype also had mechanical flaw. Originally the system used steel cables as a lift mechanism for the canopy. It was originally a steel cable with a high-tension spring in the base. The spring were constantly stretching so the canopy will open a little less every day forcing owners to constantly need to adjust the dangerous spring. For systems with high usage, the cable would eventually break, and the canopy would drop. Our newest generation of pods solves this problem with struts. The new pneumatic struts proved a consistent travel and are much safer. This is just another example of how continuous improvement is the key to make a great product.

Canopy Lift Spring System

User Interface

The biggest upgrade we made from the early days was to the user interface for the entire system. The system originally had independent control of each wavelength, but the user interface was technology from the tanning industry in the 1980s. It wasn't smart in any way and required user to to enter a pulsing frequency. That would put a huge damper on any business and require owner to spend hours educating everyone on the theory of pulsing selection or just presented the equipment as simplistic solution. The system was also substandard because there was no easy way to update the firmware/software as our knowledge of PBM grew. To solve this problem, we gutted this entire part of the system and spent almost 10,000 hours redesigning the system to use state-of-the-art electronics. We replace the original controller with a WiFi connected multiprocessor with dual touchscreens that can get OTA software and protocol upgrades as we learn more and more about what users really want. Out current system is the cutting-edge of automation and it will continue to get better day after day. If you buy any other system, it will be obsolete the day you install it.

The Best Just Keeps Getting Better

These are just a few examples of how our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. This is why we claim that we make best and it continues to get better every day. Our most recent upgrade now allows synchronized sound where users can select from an ever-growing collection of audio tracks from the touchscreen inside the pod. This includes meditation tracks and other resources that make people love the whole experience. We will continue to focus on the quality of the product and the user experience so that the ReGen Pod will always be the best pod.