Map of Light Pod Locations

The following map shows the location of some of the ReGen Pods that are available for public access. Because we do not have nationwide coverage yet, we have also included the location of some other brands of pods that are available for users to try. We encourage people to try a light pod so they can understand the incredible results we see with PBM. There are some drastically under-powered and under-engineered system that are not a good indicator of the effectiveness of light pods but the ones listed here are pretty good. If you try and like the competitors pod, we know that you will love the ReGen Pod. We invite you to compare any system against the ReGen Pod and we are confident that you will see that the ReGen Pod is the state-of-the-art technology. Click on a location marker to see more information. The red markers are ReGen Pods. The light blue markers are light pods that are publicly accessable. The dark blue icons represent systems that are used by professional athletes and sports teams. These system are not open to the public but they show how professional athletic groups are adopting of this new technology.